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After Action Review

Jan 17, 2020

An RLG Performance Improvement Tool
learn and implement change based on past resuts
Learn and implement change based on past results

Many companies and institutions are familiar with, and attempt, After Action Reviews (AARs) following upsets in execution. “What went wrong?” is the question most often asked, and placing blame is soon to follow. RLG’s approach is much different.

RLG treats each action as an opportunity for learning in a positive and productive way. We make it safe, process-driven and part of the standard practice. We help your workforce embrace the learning cycle.

Beginning by clearly articulating and communicating the desired outcome from the action, RLG coaches work with the front-line leadership, your workers and contractors to gather lessons learned during and after the execution. Then, instead of producing static “knowledge assets” to file away in a management report or repository, RLG’s AARs generate ideas to feed back into the execution cycle, both immediately and for the future. While these AARs extract numerous lessons, RLG does not consider a lesson to be truly learned until it is successfully applied and validated in the process.

Your After Action Review outcomes are:

  • Fast and targeted improvement in execution of results
  • Engagement by the front-line worker who sees results emerging from his/her ideas.
  • A structured and positive feed back learning environment.
  • Repeatable performance as improvements are applied and validated.

Formal AARs were originally developed by the US Army as a structured review or de-brief process for analyzing what happened, why it happened, and how it can be done better by the participants and those responsible for the project or event. AARs can help drive tremendous learning events for your organization.

Here are some examples where RLG used AAR to achieve results:

Deepwater Frontier Downtime
Hydro Transmission Line AAR

Listen to Rick Heyland, Carlos Gamio (SMPO TA Event Manager, Shell Oil) and Scott McKenzie (Vice President and Business Unit Leader, RLG International) discuss this story on the CI4Life podcast.