A Phased Approach

RLG’s project delivery is accomplished in phases to ensure a strong start, an aligned plan and an effective implementation with sustainable results.
Phased Approach

During the assessment phase, RLG will develop an understanding of the financial, leadership and operational opportunities within the organization. Our assessment process is thorough, yet manageable, considering our clients are busy in their day-to-day work. We often conduct assessments with some element of remote-work, reaching offsite clients, or connecting in our specialists when their expertise is needed. We interview, observe and survey people, one on one and in groups. We analyze data and processes against our industry best-practice models to identify strengths, gaps and opportunities. We test hypotheses with you to make sure we understand and to prevent embarrassing errors and inaccurate assumptions. Finally we report out and align by co-developing an improvement plan with your team to capture results.

In the implementation phase, we become embedded into the organization and establish ourselves as trusted partners with client leaders in the change process. Using a coaching style, RLG performance coaches work individually with front line leaders at their place of work, targeting the processes, tools, skills and behaviours needed to capture opportunities and improve bottom line results.

We believe that world-class results are achieved by organizations which can succeed in three key areas:

  1. Establish a consistent Operating Rhythm, which like the organizational drumbeat, is the key set of interactions across and between the many layers of leaders and the front line operation, using KPIs and making decisions effectively and timely.
  2. Develop Leadership Capability across all levels of the organization, giving leaders the skills and feedback they need to lead with confidence and capability.
  3. Effectively use the right Performance Improvement Tools and methods to improve planning, optimize schedules, generate new ideas, identify and remove waste, and engage learning in a safe, structured way to produce stronger results where it counts, at the front line.

Sustainability of results is paramount in all project implementations; therefore, the transition phase is a purposeful method of handing back tools and processes, while ensuring that adequate training and capability exist within the client organization to support the change over the long-term.

Throughout the project, we remain aligned with our client’s leadership, adjusting pace and approach as needed, and clearly communicating both our accomplishments and path forward.

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