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RLG acts as a coach, a catalyst for change and an expert implementer. With strong focus on five specific outcomes: Measurable bottom line results; Effective management systems; Leadership development; Empowered passionate individuals; and A front line that is connected to the bottom line.


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  • agrium-safety-2013

A Shift in Safety Culture

  • Mining
  • Safety
  • North America
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  • aplng-pipelines

Pipelines Schedule

  • Oil & Gas
  • Capital Projects
  • Asia Australia
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  • PipelineConstruction

Pipeline Construction Safety and Efficiency

  • Oil & Gas
  • Safety
  • Asia Australia
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Refinery Turnaround Schedule Attainment

  • Turnarounds
  • Oil & Gas
  • North America
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  • Feb 13, 2018

    Teamwork and Operating Rhythm™

    Operating Rhythm™ becomes a setting of promoting required behaviours of effective teams. Furthermore, it will promote desirable team behaviours at various parts of the organisation.
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  • Feb 13, 2018

    Human Natural Bias is at Odds with Achieving Maintenance Excellence™ Part 2

    RLG has a Maintenance Excellence (Mx™) program which reduces the impact of human natural bias (and other) effects which naturally occur in any workplace. Starting with a Maintenance Excellence Assessment, facts and data are used to objectively identify and prioritize opportunities.
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  • Feb 09, 2018

    Using Scheduled Quality Reviews to Drive Front-End Planning

    Schedule Quality Review (SQR) is one tool our teams use to improve schedule quality while strengthening and improving critical path. Part of our Project Excellence (Px™) performance model, SQR is helpful in the space between scope and schedule development and a thorough schedule optimization – that is, when schedule accuracy, executability and awareness is still lacking.
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  • Nov 29, 2017

    Applying Marginal Gains Concepts within Maintenance Excellence™

    Achieving Maintenance Excellence™ in an organisation is as much about the culture as it is about the technology, tools and processes. Organisations can look to high-performing teams in the sports area to learn how to align and engage people in their maintenance excellence ambitions.
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Our customers all grapple with challenges unique to their competitive environments, technologies and operations. Learn how we have helped.

Oil & Gas

From offshore drilling and onshore field operations, to the pipelines and refineries, RLG works the full spectrum of oil and gas globally.


Mining is where we got started. From 3300 feet underground to the processing mills on surface, RLG helps mining companies around the world.


Both commercial and military, base operations, overhaul and manufacturing, RLG has extensive experience with airlines and manufacturers.


Quality, Cost, Schedule and Safety. RLG works within manufacturing and service organizations as a performance catalyst.

Forest Products

From RLG’s earliest days, we have worked in sawmills, paper mills, OSB plants and forest lands for more than 32 years.


We work in the petrochemical industry, with owners, contractors and EPCs.


For both military and commercial, RLG boosts performance and cooperation between the engineering office and the deck plate crews.


With our SAFER™ approach, your organization’s personal safety performance can improve.

Process Safety

Driving process safety awareness and compliance through front line coaching and our Performance Improvement Methodology.

Capital Projects

Improve planning, optimize schedules and enhance execution with RLG’s Project Excellence™.


Assess your turnaround readiness and enhance your turnaround planning and execution with our proven approach.


Assess and close gaps in your routine maintenance organization with RLG’s Maintenance Excellence™.


Boosting communication and cooperation between teams, RLG’s tools and coaching strengthens continuous operations.

Supply Chain

Working with suppliers to oil and gas majors and with transportation and manufacturing logistics, we focus and align people and processes.

RLG is Worldwide

RLG is a worldwide organization of performance improvement experts. We partner with companies for an immediate, lasting impact on financial performance and corporate culture, through front line engagement.

See Where We Have Been
  • If I were back at the start of the project now making the decision whether to invest in RLG for two years, I would definitely make the same decision again.

    President, Manufacturing Company
  • The RLG Project Excellence tools really helped us have more predictable results in very complex refinery turnaround events. Everyone on the turnaround team was engaged, knew what they were accountable for and had a set of key performance indicators that they used to measure actual progress vs plan.

  • We recently worked with a major pipeline construction, using performance coaching and what we call “Weekly Game Plan” to drive focus, accountability and involvement to production goals, including safety, environment, quality and work completion rate.


Looking for
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RLG is always looking for talented individuals to join our global team.  We have regular openings on projects around the world.

  • Strong focus on personal and professional development
  • Respect, accountability and freedom
  • Outstanding people to work with
  • Open, supportive, sharing, fun environment
  • International focus
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