About Us

RLG International is a global organization of operational and performance improvement experts focused on driving measurable, sustainable value improvements to your organization or investment.

With over 39 years of experience, our seasoned professionals have successfully delivered high impact value on over 2,500 projects across multiple industries, including oil and gas, petrochemical, power generation, utilities, mining, forestry, manufacturing, healthcare, insurance, aerospace and defense.

RLG's experience and proven reputation positions us to identify and drive value-focused operational and performance improvement projects across multiple industries, including mid-size and large sized operations.

RLG’s unique approach uses our internally developed tools, continually enhanced to reflect latest thinking and best practices strengthened in our work with leading organizations around the globe. We work beside you from day one to implement operational improvement changes, from opportunity identification through project completion and sustainability. We do this while bridging the performance objectives of senior management with the day to day activities of front-line personnel, what we call “Connecting the Front Line to the Bottom Line.” 

Based on our experience, these front-line personnel become highly engaged with our approach, which is key to our success. Through this, each client’s unique and difficult challenges can be transformed into measurable bottom-line improvement and sustainable culture change.

How we add value

Client's consistently report that our approach produces sustainable and measurable results in both site culture and performance in a way that engages site leadership and the local front-line using a coaching style.

We assist management and investors who are reaching for new levels of performance involving safety, productivity, quality and cost, often identifying operational EBITDA and cash flow efficiency opportunities in ongoing operations, new investments, or distressed and significantly underperforming situations.

We typically start with a 1-2 month on-site assessment phase, where we identify measurable operational improvement opportunities with a clear ROI. We align on a shared vision of improvement, identify key opportunities, sequencing and resources, and co-develop an implementation and on-going alignment plan. We then move to an implementation phase which can take 6-12 months or longer, depending on the scope and scale of the opportunity and resources applied.

Our success is measured by your ultimate success and we stand by our assessments, routinely delivering ROI of 6:1 or greater with strong client references and repeat business.

"It is a jungle of consultants out there. I get calls every second day from consultants saying they can help. We did our homework before selecting RLG. You guys actually come in, and not only tell us where we need to improve but provide value and solutions at the same time."

– VP Manufacturing, European Refinery

"RLG’s Project Excellence activities are the reason we are having success in improving labor and equipment costs at the front line."

– Cost Analyst, Capital Projects Oil and Gas