“The shift towards interdependent safety means more people are empowered to take action and protect themselves and others from injury. The majority of our workforce feels compelled to intervene if something appears unsafe.”  

EH&S Manager
Project Info

This client, with 600 employees, operates an underground mine with on-site processing and shipping facilities. The ore body is 1,000 meters below the surface. Client leadership was seeking to dramatically change the processes, attitudes and behaviours toward safety.

 Project Highlights

  • Instilled the belief that all accidents are preventable
  • Made safety a primary focus of all crew meetings and activities
  • Made safety KPIs visible, both leading and lagging, down to the crew level
  • Regularly evaluated progress toward interdependent safety behaviours
  • All safety metrics improved dramatically



“RLG helped us transform the site leadership and accountability culture from one where business success was dependent primarily on top level management and was therefore not sustainable, to one where all levels of the organization are now engaged and empowered. In essence, they helped us connect the front line to the bottom line with one of the major achievements being a substantial and sustainable improvement in safety performance.”