“RLG introduced their Operating Rhythm to provide the key interactions necessary to create a results-oriented culture. With RLG embedded in the project, they kept an eye out for ‘pinch points’ that could impact the project’s schedule or cost. RLG has the proven potential to be used in both operational and capital projects environments.”

Deputy Project Manager
Project Info

This pipeline project was experiencing disappointing results and downward trends in safety, quality, environment and progress. To help implement a performance program that was being rolled out across the project, a team of RLG performance coaches was brought in to engage with the construction site leadership teams.

Project Highlights

  • Addressed scheduling and resourcing conflicts by using RLG’s TMP (Theoretical Maximum Performance) process — reduced risk and optimized the plan
  • Implemented daily crew talks to review yesterday’s performance, grade their work and identify opportunities to improve
  • Weekly leadership business reviews established the game plan for the upcoming week
  • Visible performance boards used and accepted for communication, collaboration and accountability
  • Achieved improvement in all four metrics — safety, quality, environment and progress — leading to the program manager enlisting RLG’s help on his next project and the client using RLG elsewhere in their organization to undertake similar work