Our Advisors

We have created two groups of trusted advisors who supplement our internal staff and contribute to our success in delivering transformational results on our projects around the world. 

Executive Advisory Council (EAC)

Our market-facing Executive Advisory Council helps us remain focused on topical issues and draws on industry expertise in delivering step change to our clients.

Our EAC members are senior executives who have enjoyed careers in our key growth markets. Members are carefully selected and are typically key leaders in their fields, serving on other boards or industry associations. Many are also prior clients. EAC members typically meet multiple times per year and assist with market connections, thought leadership and identifying emerging issues. EAC members are also invited to take part in peak annual events hosted by RLG International.


Subject Matter Experts (SME)

RLG's SMEs are seasoned professionals, both at the executive and field level, sought out to supplement our internal teams in delivering enhanced client experience and results.

Our SMEs are engaged to deliver advisory services to our teams currently working with clients; as well as helping to expand the RLG footprint in the global marketplace by supporting and securing new engagements and relationships. The SMEs also help to guide RLG internally so we can continuously improve our company and our methods, resulting in even more successful delivery during engagements.