Our work in mining has taken our people 3000 feet underground and to surface open pit mining operations around the world. We work alongside your supervisors, planners, engineers and professionals to tackle tough performance challenges with people and processes.​

Our teams have produced 4:1 or greater results in:

  • Processing plant optimization – reliability and maintenance processes, processing rate increases, production team alignment, use of standard work
  • Mine operations and maintenance – availability, utilization and plan achievement, cost improvement, personal and process safety, emissions, maintenance process optimization, technology adoption
  • Green and brown-field construction, commissioning and start up – contractor productivity, safety, planning, schedule quality, duration and cost optimization, visual data and reporting
  • Engineering: design, facilities, drilling – cost reduction and cycle time, progress efficiency, learning and feedback systems, review of best practices and team function
  • Turnarounds – risk reduction, cost and duration reduction, event readiness, TAR process and schedule quality assessment, plan and schedule optimization, contractor alignment and productivity, visual reporting, project controls
  • Short shutdowns and outages – enhanced planning and preparation, KPI development, schedule optimization, productivity, cost and duration reduction, ramp-down and start-up plan optimization, process improvement – such as lockout/tagout, permitting, materials
  • Exploration Drilling – benchmarking, performance management, cost and cycle time improvement, learning from best practices, drilling plan optimization, rig performance scorecards, leadership capability development
  • Planning/structure - enabling a stable and predictable development process, adherence to process, progress visibility, cost and cycle-time reduction
  • Mine decommissioning – project plan development, planning strategy, schedule development, plan optimization, contractor management
We have also worked projects dedicated to boosting safety performance, often working as safety coaches serving to boost adoption of safety programs, and to strengthen performance focus and leadership capability towards a desired safety culture.

From work in these areas you can expect to see:

  • A shift in the hearts and minds of the workforce toward a culture of high engagement and involvement in the safe operation ands success of the business
  • A change in how people make decisions that impact performance, with a focus on key performance indicators, analysis of results and actions to close performance gaps
  • Structured and well executed interactions focused on communication of critical information, accountability for actions to improve and recognition of behaviours that drive improvement
  • Effective processes and teams working to increase productivity, eliminate waste, lower costs, optimize plans and schedules, and learn from experience in real time

With daily interactions on the shop floor, in meetings and in the office, our coaches establish strong relationships that allow them to work as trusted partners in your improvement efforts. Keys to this relationship are our coaches’ knowledge and experience, along with an absolute commitment to the success and development of your people through providing support and honest feedback to challenge the thinking and actions in their improvement journey.

Case Studies

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A Shift in Safety Culture

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“I believe RLG has brought the focus, passion and work processes to the table that helps us to achieve great business results.  The focus RLG has brought to basic leadership has put energy back into the team and we are able to focus on what makes our business succeed rather than explaining what happened in the past.”

General Manager, Mine and Processing Facility