Leadership Development

RLG builds the confidence and capability of your individual, team and organizational leadership through the application of our FAIR Model. Recognizing that highly functional leadership consistently demonstrates and communicates focus, accountability, involvement and response, we have identified a set of key skills, that when elevated, lead to exceptional growth in individual and team performance.

We will observe and measure the baseline performance of your leadership, identifying areas of strength and those needing improvement. From this, we will partner with you to create customized leadership development plans, including both one-on-one personal coaching and group training programs to allow your teams and leaders to enhance their leadership skills. Over time, we will continue to measure progress and adjust focus, pace and style to ensure consistent and sustainable cultural change while your organization’s leadership grows in both confidence and competence.

RLG FAIR inner circle

Our commitment is to ensure your people are (FAIR):

  • Focused on the key success factors of your business, the performance gap and the roadmap to improvement; a back to the basics approach.
  • Accountable for the use of metrics to promote the “right” decisions for the “right” results, and progress towards improving performance
  • Involving the right level of the organization to improve performance — one mission, one goal, and application of the right tools and processes in the right hands at the right time
  • Responding appropriately to reinforce behavioural change, recognize success, learn from experience and promote sustainability.

“We have made tremendous progress in onstream availability, cost and efficiency, but the thing that set us up to win was the work RLG did to help build our internal capability to lead, manage, and ask the right questions.”

Business Improvement Manager / Interim Refinery Manager, North American Refinery

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