RLG works across industries helping Operational teams achieve safe, efficient production in light of significant constraints of cost, quality, staffing, environment and market forces. This is where we got our start in 1983, and we are still at it today.

We work within Operations groups to help focus the team on the KPIs that matter most. Using our Performance Improvement Methodology, we:

  • Define the metrics that matter most at each level of your business
  • Find opportunity through data and behavioural assessment
  • Implement our Operating Rhythm™ system for communication and accountability
  • Engage your people and improve processes and results using powerful Performance Improvement Tools
  • Develop your leaders through a balanced approach of training and coaching

Substantial shifts in performance are common:

  • Greater cooperation between Operations and Maintenance
  • Stronger handovers and consistency between shifts
  • More engagement in continuous improvement
  • A culture of performance enhancement and results

Case Studies

  • sinclair-refinery

Refinery Environmental PITs

Oil & Gas
North America
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Offshore Oil Production and Efficiency

Oil & Gas
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“The morning scorecard review creates an urgency that wasn’t there before.  Guys understand what the priorities are and direct their people without having to check later.”

– Operations Superintendent, Ore Processing Plant