Our Principles of Implementation

RLG aspires to deliver excellence on every project we undertake. These 11 principles describe how we interact, and what we anticipate, in our people and in cooperation with our clients.

  1. This is about achieving results, not only creating activity

    The ultimate focus of every activity in the performance improvement process is improved results. Every process change, tool, action or coaching session is aligned with achieving measurable gains that will contribute to corporate performance. Employees learn to measure results, understand results, are recognized for results and are able to see and understand the impact of their decisions on the bottom line.
  2. We make and keep commitments

    The performance improvement behaviours that are developed are founded on the making and keeping of commitments. An environment is created where management, employees, customers and suppliers are involved in a constant process of mutual commitments.
  3. We undertake one-on-one coaching

    The power in our implementation approach lies in the one-on one relationship that develops between the implementer and the employee. To have a full time coach with the sole aim of helping people improve their area of the business is an opportunity that most employees quickly come to value.
  4. Front line ownership is foundational

    Also foundational to our approach is the belief that those closest to the action are in the best position to identify and implement changes that will improve the business. Our performance improvement coaches work closely with each employee with the understanding that the employees are the experts in their business.
  5. Change is delivered through committed leadership

    As with any positive change initiative, progress is dependent on the high level of commitment leaders demonstrate for the process. Implementers coach senior management to be able to clearly articulate the principles and model the practices of performance improvement. Leaders are also coached to hold their people accountable for adopting the performance improvement ways.
  6. Implementations are tailored to fit the organization

    Just as the needs of each employee differ, so do those of organizations. With this in mind, the performance improvement process is customized to fit the unique requirements of the organization while maintaining the essential principles of a performance improvement program.
  7. We partner from beginning to end

    From the beginning, the performance improvement process is carried out as a co-implementation. Careful and frequent attention is given to the need to work closely as client / implementer partners to ensure the essential needs are met and the desired results are achieved.
  8. We want everyone to play

    The performance improvement game is one where everybody is a player. From senior management to the front line and support staff there is a place and purpose for everybody in the organization.
  9. We seek to fully integrate performance

    The essential threads of performance improvement are woven into the existing fabric of the organization. Work practices are enhanced by the performance improvement practices that are merged into them.
  10. Risk taking is encouraged

    The world of performance improvement is one where taking risks is not only encouraged but expected. Often a leap of faith is required to adopt a practice that is not fully understood or appreciated until it has been attempted.
  11. We develop performance-focused leadership

    Performance improvement coaching creates leaders who are truly dedicated to the success of their people and have the skills to coach them to succeed. The common set of leadership practices that emerges provides a solid foundation for the organization and gives the employees the direction and support they need to make the company successful.

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