Private Equity

“I expressed to RLG today that their team should take great pride in helping us build a $1 billion business in two short years”

– Executive Vice President, Natural Gas Distribution Business

RLG provides private equity firms with industry experience and a proven track record. We create immediate value by implementing operational performance improvement plans quickly.

Private Equity Firms look for our support across three private equity improvement phases:

1.Operational Performance Due Diligence (Pre- and Post-Acquisition)

Identifies investment risk and EBITDA improvement areas by:

  • Performing evaluation through remote and on-site assessments and data analysis
  • Assessing of leadership effectiveness and organizational alignment
  • Validating current performance against internal and industry benchmarks (MORE™ (Maximum Operating Results and Earnings))
  • Identifying optimization and peak performance opportunities using RLG’s TMP™ (Theoretical Maximum Performance) framework
  • Co-developing implementation plans to close identified operational and performance gaps

2. Post- Acquisition Value Creation

Hands-on implementation approach enables significant operational improvements on an accelerated timeline by:

  • Delivering step-change performance improvement early by front-end loading the first 100 days of implementation activity
  • Driving focus, alignment and accountability using cascading performance metrics and strengthening Operating Rhythm™ through front-line coaching
  • Optimizing operational planning and execution through RLG’s performance improvement framework to align with top-quartile industry practice
  • Permanently shifting hearts and minds across the organization toward continuous improvement and results-focus

3. Pre-exit Value Maximization

Boosts asset valuation prior to exit by:

  • Conducting pre-exit assessments
  • Safeguarding continuous improvement processes
  • Ensuring compliance with the exit strategy
  • Building leadership confidence and capability during times of uncertainty and change

Connecting the front line to your bottom line...every time!

At 6:1 return, RLG specializes in improving your performance through on-site implementations. We are a force multiplier in your operations, helping take strategy to reality, to reach operational and financial goals sooner. 

Client Challenge Improvement
Petrochemicals Inconsistent uptime and run rates 20% increase in plant uptime, $38 million in production gains
Power Stagnant performance after ownership change $96 million in bottom line improvements over 4 years, $58 million in cost avoidance
Private Equity Quick turnaround after regulatory change 83% increase in EBIT, $339 million growth in book value, successful sale
Manufacturing Poor production throughput 45% increase in parts output, 38% reduction in defects, $51 million cost savings
Oil and Gas Underperforming assets to become marketable for sale Production targets exceeded, 87% HSE improvement, $4 billion net gain on sale

What Our Clients are Saying:

“I expressed to RLG today that their team should take great pride in helping us build a $1 billion business in two short years..”

– Vice President, Retail Home Services Company

“RLG has had tremendous impact on our organization. We have gone from losing several million dollars per year to reporting a multi-million dollar profit in less than 12 months. More importantly, our leadership business processes, employee productivity and our very culture have been changed so that our profitability is sustainable. We could not have accomplished this without RLG’s help.”

– CEO, Office Products Company

“What I really like is how different teams that never interacted much before are now communicating, improving, and solving problems together..”

– Senior VP, Operations and Strategic Execution, Workers Compensation Insurance Company

“RLG's activities are the reason we are having success in improving labour and equipment costs at the front line.”

– Cost Analysis, Oil and Gas