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RLG's COVID-19 response plan

Mar 16, 2020

RLG is committed to protecting the health and well-being of our people and our clients.  Below you will find our current plans and actions.  I invite you to share with me any concerns or feedback that you believe can help us and your community deal appropriately and effectively as we all lean into managing our part of this global crisis.  As a partner to your business, we understand the importance of our ability to continue to support you amidst this global health event.

We have been monitoring COVID-19 developments closely through local authorities in the countries and states we conduct business, the Public Health Agency of Canada, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the World Health Organization. As the situation continues to evolve, we are keenly focused on our preparedness efforts to maintain a safe work environment for our associates and to sustain our business operations.

We have both regional and global integrated plans in place. These are being managed, adjusted and enacted by RLG’s leadership and administrative teams who are committed to keeping our operations running smoothly. With these plans, we can uphold our commitments while increasing our capacity to lend a helping hand to our staff, our communities and our clients.

What is RLG doing in response to COVID-19?

We are:

  • Closely monitoring the evolving Coronavirus situation. We have established a Coronavirus Response Team, who are following daily developments, and managing our action to reflect changes in regions, new responses by municipalities, countries or client (sites), and all the initiatives and bulletins of local and national Governments, and global health agencies. We are and will continue to align our plans and actions with these requirements and directives.
  • Actively engaging with our client’s planning teams to help coordinate and facilitate their organizational response and departmental action planning.
  • Any employee or contractor, who feel unwell, or have any flu-like symptoms (including an elevated temperature), or who have family members with flu-like symptoms, are to work from home.RLG Performance Coaches will work with their Team Lead or Business Unit Leader on appropriate next steps, work assignments and contacting key clients.
  • Taking action to ensure business continuity in our administrative functions, including personal health protocols and evaluating RLG’s corporate offices daily against our scenario response matrix to determine our level of work from home. Capability has been expanded and all critical administrative functions can now work remotely from home for an extended duration.
  • Providing all RLG staff and contractors with information and best practices to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and all similar communicable disease.
  • Suspending all non-essential international travel and we have cancelled non-essential planned events, and our participation in events deemed non-essential, including all conferences, regardless of size.
  • Working with clients to modify essential travel schedules and, where possible, substituting with local staff versus international staff for at-risk positions and locations.
  • Monitoring all client protocols and response plans,and ensuring RLG’s and our employees compliance with such directives.As plans change, we will adapt and inform affected staff of new requirements.
  • Working alongside our worldwide emergency assistance services partner, International SOS, to provide regular regional risk analysis, and on-site, in-country support for RLG associates in several countries around the world where we have identified more difficult logistics or limited in-country healthcare facilities.
  • Making available RLG associates to backfill positions if employees are unable to travel as planned, or to offer added assistance to our clients in any needed capacity.
  • Evaluating each client and RLG project site for active or emerging risk in travel or work disruption, to enable swift and appropriate response.
  • Initiating Personal Health Monitoring for all employees who travel cross-border, requiring daily temperature logging and self-assessment for the duration of their travel and while at home, between rotations and commutes.
  • Initiating personal preparedness plans (PPP) for all international employees in the event they are delayed, detained or quarantined during their travel.
  • Evaluating, adjusting, and communicating employee benefit plans to clarify and adapt coverage for this non-typical situation.

What else should you expect from RLG?

Over the coming days and weeks, we will continue to monitor and adjust our response to reflect the changing dynamics of this situation.  Our decisions will be driven by our commitment to protecting the health and well-being of our office and field people, our clients, and our third-party partners and their employees.

We will make ourselves available to hear your concerns, strategize on best paths forward, and adjust our approach, to support your challenges through this period.

As one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies, you can count on our ability to proactively partner with your teams to deliver results in a productive, positive way.

If you require additional information regarding our team members or our processes, please reach out to your local RLG representative.


Brad Farrow
CEO & President