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Coordinated Information Center – Project Mission Control for a Petrochem Client Commissioning Project

Jun 06, 2016

Recently, at a Petrochemical client, we worked to establish a coordinated information center for the commissioning stage of a large capital project. This is a balanced set of visual metrics, posted together and reviewed by the team daily at 3 pm!


Making progress visible in a clear, user friendly manner is a pillar of executing a successful project. For turnarounds, an unplanned outage, construction or commissioning, there is high value in having one room where all critical information is presented and kept up to date. This keeps the team informed and provides necessary data for decision making. It also provides the ideal setting for daily update and planning meetings. A balanced suite of performance based KPIs helps drive accountability and measure progress against the plan. Simple and visible, it is easy for the Front Line to keep track of safety, schedule progress, issue resolution, vendor support coordination, management of change, critical parts status and goal achievement. The platform also facilitates conversations which can capture lessons learned and offer opportunities for positive recognition.