“We have managed to make more progress in the past four months [regarding the impact from the CIT projects], than what we’ve made in the previous four years.” 
Engineering Authority, Gulf of Mexico Operations
Project Info

RLG worked with this client in a program to reduce operating risk by closing operational conformance gaps in three key process safety domains:  1) controlling every day work of employees and contractors, 2) identifying, maintaining and operating safety critical equipment, and 3) systematic application of procedures and practices.

Project Highlights

  • The primary methodology was continuous improvement team projects; 46 projects with 350 client employees and contractors were undertaken
  • RLG Operating Rhythm one-pagers and business reviews promoted accountability and communication
  • Leadership coaching and training strengthened organizational alignment and shifted employee behaviour
  • Positive reinforcement of behaviours was emphasized, resulting in a notable culture shift
  • Increased efficiencies resulted in a positive financial impact of $300 million