RLG has been proudly supporting Alaskan performance improvement for over 17 years. In that time, we have partnered with many of the leading oil and gas producers, drillers, service providers and shippers as they:

  • built stronger safety cultures on land and offshore on ships
  • achieved new targets in drilling and workover efficiency
  • delivered capital projects in less time and at lower cost
  • implemented effective Operating Management Systems
  • systematically controlled work and applied practices
  • lowered costs while improving productivity in shops and producing fields

Geographically, we have worked in every field of the North Slope and done work in Kenai, Beluga, and offshore in the Cook Inlet.  we have worked the freighters between Alaska and California, and Additionally, we have several of our performance coaches supporting engineering, exploration and project teams based in Anchorage.

We are involved in the communities where we live and work and appreciate the special culture that is uniquely Alaska.  Whenever possible, we hire locally, relocate RLG families to Alaska and maintain a consistent group of rotators who travel from all over the L48 to don their Arctic gear and head north on shared services.


We’ve delivered a myriad of business results through front line engagement:

  • On-time project delivery
  • Short-season project delivery
  • Summer maintenance program success
  • Personal safety culture results
  • Process safety systems and culture improvement
  • Increased overall workforce efficiency

And the list goes on.

RLG built its reputation in Alaska by helping operators tackle personal safety performance through a non-traditional business approach. Our tools, developed originally for business performance, were modified and applied exceptionally well to meet the cultural challenges presented within personal safety performance. Applying business tools and thinking through our FAIR (Focus, Accountability, Involvement, Response) and SAFER models, we’ve been able to truly empower front line leaders to own and deliver personal safety results. RLG Alaska safety stories have delivered world-class changes in personal safety performance. In fact, it was RLG who developed the core modules and delivery for the popular and prolific Incident-Free Culture workshops which over 4,000 of the North Slope workforce have seen.

Referring to North Slope seasonal work, a senior client said the following:

“On every project we use RLG, we tend to bat a thousand. When we try to do these on our own is where we have the train wrecks.”  Referring to a step change (65% reduction in TRIR)

“I’m confident that we would have achieved these world-class results someday, but we would not have gotten here nearly as soon without RLG.”

General Manager, North Slope Operations

“I’ve worked with a lot of companies that do similar things, but you guys pull it off every time because of the incredible people you have. I’ve never seen a workforce embrace consultants like this before.”

General Manager, North Slope Operations

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