Storage Tanks

Our clients ask us three questions when talking about their storage tanks:

  1. "How can we reduce the cost of tank maintenance?"
  2. "How can we increase the predictability of our tank outages?"
  3. "How do we improve tank availability?"

We enable maintenance teams to take control of their storage tank maintenance

RLG’s Tank Excellence™ helps tank maintenance teams and sites improve short term delivery and protect long-term value in storage tanks.

RLG’s Tank Excellence (TANKx™) provides a comprehensive approach to working alongside tank maintenance teams to achieve step changes in performance. We help teams address:

  • Scope growth
  • Overrun tank overhaul durations
  • Reactive planning and scheduling
  • Poor site alignment
  • Low contractor productivity
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TANKx™ focuses on the development of a repeatable, reliable, consistent and sustainable tank overhaul process that improves planning, alignment, optimization and execution.

Working alongside tank maintenance teams, RLG co-creates a fit-for-purpose solution that helps to increase confidence and predictability of planning and execution. Tank overhaul results are clearly improved and scope accomplished with reduced time and budget. Recent results include:

  • 20% lower cost per tank overhaul
  • 15% shorter overhaul durations
  • 50% less unplanned downtime

The goal of every TANKx™ implementation is to improve year-over-year results by enhancing existing capability, processes, involvement and behaviours to produce more rigorous planning, optimization and execution outcomes. while each project and client is unique, and we align upon a solution which fits the desired goals and culture, the TANKx™ framework provides a solution that works.

"TANKx™ started at one of our refineries, expanded to two, and now we are rolling it out system-wide. It has dramatically changed the way we manage our tank maintenance program."

– Director, Global Integrated Oil Company

Our Collaborative Approach

RLG’s Tank Excellence™ solution for refineries and storage tank operators uses a three step approach:

  1. We evaluate 15 key tank overhaul processes and systems, then work with client teams to address the gaps, get improvements in place and sustainable.
  2. We create a focused, one-team tank maintenance turnaround planning process so everyone from the corner office to the front-line knows what levers they need to pull to drive performance for a successful tank overhaul.
  3. We engage the workforce through a stronger maintenance Operating Rhythm™. Like a drum beat for the daily, weekly and monthly meetings and events, we get the leadership and workforce communicating and participating.

Embeds Recommended Practices

Our TANKx™ implementations solve the 3 key questions we started with. We help local teams embed recommended practices to help cost, predictability and availability:

  • Develop tank maintenance strategic plans designed to meet all compliance requirements, minimize costs, and maximize tank availability and potential revenue.
  • Create formalized, repeatable, reliable stage-gate maintenance planning processes.
  • Enable rigorous performance monitoring through a regular Operating Rhythm™, making performance visible and building a culture of accountability.
  • Advance leadership engagement and improve the connection between the front line and the bottom line.
  • Mature the approach to inspection and quality assurance, ensuring the right maintenance is done the right way, and thus maximizing tank reliability.

"Every tank now goes through a 40-week planning process with clearly defined deliverables and due dates.  RLG was instrumental in our transition from ‘reactive’ to ‘prepared’"

–Tank Maintenance Program Manager

Excellence in Execution

Beyond planning, we work with client teams during tank overhaul execution. We help:

  • Shine the light on stage-gate process effectiveness
  • Progress and keep attention to critical path tasks
  • Promote learning practices and actions to overcome obstacles.
Check out this story of one tank operator's recent overhaul experience. Written for an internal audience news article, it details their journey, learning and results.

We pull from our extensive Turnaround experience to introduce techniques to streamline execution and boost productivity. And we keep conversations about status and performance tight and collaborative, helping further the one-team alignment we start with in planning.


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