Refining & LNG

Right now, RLG project managers are working in refineries and LNG plants around the world, including Europe, Asia, Australia, Canada and the USA. We are integrated into capital project expansions, operational readiness, turnarounds, operations and maintenance, and often in multiple sites with the same integrated oil company helping those operators build a consistent approach to capture results.

LNG Plant

We use a coaching approach with our proven tools and techniques, to first identify strengths and opportunities, then align on a plan which reflects each client and site's unique culture and challenges. As appropriate, we apply our excellence models, such as Project Excellence (Px™), Turnaround Excellence (TARx™), Refinery Operations Excellence (ROx), Maintenance Excellence (Mx™), and SAFEx™ to target specific needs and opportunities . The right approach, with the right resources, and a prioritized plan enables a significant return on investment.

Operations and Maintenance

  • Breaking down silos between units and improving cooperation to a common goal through application of RLG’s proven Operating Rhythm™ system.
  • Improving onstream availability, cost and efficiency.
  • Building stronger performance in personal safety leadership, major event risk planning, and safety management system, all shown to reduce frequency and severity in personal and process safety.
  • Boosting benchmark scores by at least one quartile in a year by following-up assessments with a performance improvement implementation model that is proven to work and produces measurable results.


  • We deploy our Turnaround Excellence™ solution first pinpoint the strengths and gaps in the turnaround planning and execution organization.
  • We then design and implement improvements. This helps the team prepare their plans, work-packs and a master integrated schedule. We help bring visibility to readiness, and align the various teams toward one goal  - perfection!
  • We lead remote and on-site schedule building, schedule quality review and schedule optimization sessions seeking perfection in the final plan. We involve contractors and execution teams into the integrated planning, yielding strong alignment and readiness on day 1.
  • In execution, we first help build the drumbeat of daily interactions, then strengthen processes and behaviors for greater productivity and safety.
  • Our readiness assessments, at 3 month intervals from T-15 through T-3, are renowned for providing accurate, understandable and actionable feedback on gaps in preparation, project teams and processes, significantly helping the TAR team to meet scope, budget and schedule targets.

Capital Projects

  • We deploy our Project Excellence™ methodology to first assess and then optimize the project plan and execution strategy to strengthen teams, processes and schedules for shorter durations and lower cost.
  • We create performance visibility on the Project Portfolio, with dashboards, effective reviews, and stronger approval gate processes for the various complexity of projects. This helps leadership truly see which projects are achieving their promises and where problems exist.
  • We work between EPC contractors and owners, helping both communicate and align on one view of performance, risk and mitigations to boost results.

“Through this work with RLG, we are developing our entire supervisor team to be responsible for their work.”

Refinery Contractor Site Manager

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“Without RLG’s help, we wouldn’t have gotten here this quickly. With all of the stuff going on, you helped us focus and get this to where it is now.”

Refinery Manager