Aerospace is an interesting field. Governed by federal regulations and requiring a high degree of compliance to procedure, it spans manufacturing, delivery, operations and maintenance.

We at RLG understand this and clients repeatedly turn to us to help focus and deliver performance in each of these areas.


Our experience has included work in:

  • airplane and helicopter manufacturing in both commercial and military facilities
  • at the delivery center where planes are in final preparation for customers
  • aerospace component manufacturing
  • a large facility dedicated to commercial airline overhaul
  • the maintenance bases of major commercial airlines, working overnight alongside their technicians and leadership
  • in flight test, guiding schedule while facilitating data and information sharing

In these facilities, we are:

  • coaching leaders to more effectively lead their teams and work areas
  • facilitating problem solving teams and programs to remove waste and improve flow
  • introducing meaningful performance metrics and making them visible
  • building accountability through business reviews and boardwalks
  • producing measurable results in safety, cost, quality and throughput

Case Studies

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Aircraft Line Maintenance

North America
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Airlines Door and Structures Shop

North America
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"The ownership established with the value stream approach continues to drive the business cadence and the 'culture of success' that RLG helped the teams realize."

- Facility Director, Military Helicopter Manufacturing