“Step change results. It’s the #1 reason our clients ask us to help them improve their turnarounds.”

RLG’s Turnaround Excellence™ integrated solution applied to your unique needs, helps turnaround teams, sites, and organizations move from unpredictable to good, and from good to great. RLG performance coaches support the major maintenance turnarounds of more than ten large industrial facilities per year and is a trusted partner to many of the world’s largest facility operators. Across industries, from mid-sized to mega-complex, we add value that results in multiple return on investment and repeat engagements.

Integrated solution to drive TURNAROUND success


RLG’s Turnaround Excellence™ provides a comprehensive approach to working alongside turnaround teams to achieve new levels of safety and productivity, with lower cost and duration, by addressing common issues like:

  • Scope gaps and creep
  • Sub-optimized schedules
  • Turnaround team involvement
  • Contractor accountability and productivity
  • Overrun TAR durations

Operators want more predictable results, with improvements year-over-year through stronger embedded processes and higher internal capability. We work with your team to introduce and strengthen important elements, sharing our expertise developed in working with leading organizations around the world across many industries.

We focus on enhanced readiness, alignment, capability, plan and schedule optimization and flawless execution. Working alongside turnaround teams, our Performance Improvement Experts help to increase confidence and predictability of execution by implementing systems and coaching behaviours to drive sustainable results. We connect the front line to the bottom line.

The Path to Step Change Results

We often begin by assessing readiness. A turnaround process assessment looks high level across the turnaround organization to pinpoint strengths and opportunities in processes, capability, communication, and overall practice discipline. We offer from this a score on ten categories, with observations and recommendations to boost performance and reduce risk in future events.

Turnaround Readiness assessment occurs at intervals between 15- and 3- months before execution and is often a mandatory step in turnaround stage-gate planning. In these assessments, our turnaround experts provide valuable observations and scoring, with recommendations for immediate action to get turnaround preparation back on-track. These can be performed both remotely and in-person, or some hybrid that fits particular needs.

Schedule Quality Assessment looks at the systems, capability and progress in building a high-quality turnaround schedule using the latest and best industry practices.

We improve alignment, communication, and accountability focused around an effective planning Operating Rhythm™. Within the turnaround team, contractors, and site staff, we involve all groups in the process, removing silos and creating “One Team” and “One Truth”.

We build confidence and capability through instruction, feedback and coaching to enable more effective leadership and team behaviors.

Plan and schedule optimization are achieved through our Scope Challenge, Schedule Quality Review, TMP™ and Front Line Planning (FLP™) tools. We know you want predictability during the turnaround and in its outcomes. Our goal is to enable this predictability and ‘workability’ of the schedule to achieve safety, duration, and quality goals.

Excellence in Execution

Our ‘feet on the ground’ support during the Turnaround event focuses on enhancing your execution rigor, capability and behaviors. We deploy systems like Real Time Productivity Improvement (RPTI™), our solution designed to boost contractor worksite productivity, with Real-Time Lessons Learned (RTLL™) and a strong execution Operating Rhythm™ to help the team drive the daily management and achieve the critical path.

Recent Results:

Location Industry Engagement Improvement
Australia LNG 9 months on three shutdown events 42% TA duration reduction
Canada, Ontario Petrochemicals Early planning to final schedule 27 day improvement in optimized TA schedule
Canada, Saskatchewan Mining T-9 months through execution 94% improvement vs last event, $15.9 million
Kazakhstan Refining Two units of a mega-TA, T-9 months 4 day TA duration reduction, $7.4 million
United Kingdom Refining T-7 months through execution 23 days ahead of baseline, new site record
USA East Coast Refining T-9 months through execution 9 day TA duration reduction, $6.7 million
USA Gulf Coast Refining T-12 months through execution 27% ahead of schedule, 14% below planned cost

What Our Clients are Saying:

“RLG have provided us a game changer in the way we plan.”


“Sure, we might have hit the schedule but you [RLG] being here brought the discipline we needed to definitely hit it."


“World class athletes leverage coaches to achieve world class performance, and that is why we brought in RLG.”


“These TMPs™ are getting us to think about how our unit comes down now, 10+ months before the turnaround, so this is a good thing that sets us up for success.”


“This team has set a new standard for delivery of major projects and TARs, achieving a record-breaking duration.”


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