“We have come so far with our traditional safety programs since before 2010, but today we're looking for new thinking, to not only prevent small injuries but also save our people and sites from major events.”

– VP Operations, Global Oil and Gas Company

Every business leader includes personal and process safety and risk mitigation among their core operating goals. Unfortunately, many struggle to make meaningful improvements over time despite their time and investment in messaging, training, programs and reporting.

RLG's SAFER™ approach brings new thinking and proven practices to reinvigorate stale and plateaued programs. We help organizations strengthen three distinct but essential areas:


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  1. Leadership and Behaviour – the human factors which guide organizational culture around safety vision, participation, operational discipline and learning
  2. Major Hazard and Event Management – the hazard ID and risk assessment designed to prevent, detect, control, and mitigate loss of containment and major personal and process loss events.
  3. HSE Management Systems – the policy, procedure, auditing, assurance, and verification systems intended to guide and instruct daily work.

Our experienced consultants help corporate and on-site teams identify the gaps and necessary adjustments to existing systems, behaviours and leadership. Using our performance coaching style, we work side by side with your team, designing and deploying a tailored solution for your unique workplace.

Developed and continuously updated over three decades, SAFER™ delivers the best of our work with leading organizations and industry thought-leaders in Safety, Process Safety and Organizational Behaviour.

Our recent work:

Open Pit and Underground Mining – where we co-created and implemented a Safety Leadership Coaching Program that delivered the core capability of safety leadership by supporting the implementation of this miner's own safety program, whilst at the same time also developed the “coaching skills” and “capability” of people leaders at two of their operational mine sites in Australia.

Refineries and Field Facilities - where we joined a Safety and Operations Integrity led program utilizing Continuous Improvement methodologies led by CI and Operations coaches, to drive sustainable conformance and improvement in process safety and operational integrity. This is an improvement program designed to help facilities improve all high impact business elements in operating culture, capability and operating performance leading to systematic Operations and enhanced process safety performance. 

Oil Drilling and On-Shore Field Operations – where we are facilitating and supporting the design and implementation of a multi-year transformational change program for the US L48 HSE&R and Operational teams that develops and enables a performance culture to support the growth outlined in their 10 Year Long Range Plan. This includes a top to bottom refresh of the HSE Management Systems, advancing a leading HSER culture and Learning Organization by strengthening People and Leadership capability, enhancing their Risk Assessment and Compliance Assurance capabilities, and providing Environmental and Sustainable Development solutions.

Offshore Drilling Platform - where we developed and co-implemented a safety leadership coaching program to strengthen safety culture and improve safety performance of the rig. The program was recognized as best practice to all offshore drilling rigs by the local operator due to the step change results: Safety performance improved 89%; 300+% increase on observation card participation, 46% lower incidents with material / equipment damage; 17% improvement on rig operational performance. This rig that was among the worst performers, became one of the best rigs of the local operator’s fleet.

Pulp and Paper – where we helped deploy “Courage to Care,” a site wide behavioural safety program with a goal-zero focus. In conjunction with a wider Operational Excellence project, this implementation led to significant gains in safety culture, wide involvement and safety award recognition by the regional government. In just over one year, this large paper mill realized a nearly 70% year over year improvement in recordable safety incidents and zero lost time injuries.

What Our Clients Are Saying:

"RLG's approach to performance management has been pivotal in our achieving a 60% reduction in our Tier 1 incident rate."

– Refinery Manager, US Midwest Refinery

"I have to tell you that our safety culture has doubled since RLG got here. It used to be that we could hardly fill 10 minutes in a safety meeting, and now we can't get people to stop talking. It almost seems impossible for somebody to get hurt with the level of detail that we go into."

–Tool Pusher, Oil and Gas Company

"The participation of RLG Coaches throughout this period was fundamental in this regard, for its great assistance, not only in the internal management of the rig and its crew safety, but also as a key link between the rig and onshore base”

–Rig Offshore Installation Manager

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