We help you transform your safety culture from reactive to proactive and from compliance to commitment.

Our SAFER™ model is a fit for purpose extension of our three capabilities: Coaching, Performance Improvement, and Operating Rhythm™. It is a systematic leadership coaching approach specifically designed for front-line leaders to better influence safety and operational performance.

 Safety is a foundational business metric for your organization. Just like your financial business results, responsibility for your safety culture falls on the shoulders of your operational leadership.

We support your leadership team through five principles and their accompanying coaching activities.

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RLG’s one-on-one coaching of the SAFER™ methodology optimizes existing management systems, programs, tools and processes for greater overall performance.

Leaders that use SAFER™ are better able to engage the hearts and minds of front-line employees around safety attitudes and behaviors.

​Key elements of the SAFER™ approach:

  •  Leadership: The transformation arises when your leaders move from managing safety and safety programs to leading a fundamental shift in how every employee believes and acts from a safety perspective.
  • Planning: Most clients have existing meetings or mechanisms in place that promote planning with a focus on operations and the execution of work. Organizations that invest the resources up front to focus on personal risks as part of their planning process create the culture in which safety truly is part of the job. The increased effort to incorporate safety planning up front is more than offset by the savings of reduced project times and fewer (or zero!) safety incidents.
  • Engagement: Generating quality engagement between leaders and the front-line workforce is a focus of a SAFER™ implementation. Coaching leaders to ensure goals and objectives are aligned helps them to later provide both positive and negative accountability around behaviors.
  • Program Effectiveness: Clients invest in and develop momentum with many different types of safety systems and programs. Generally speaking, existing programs generate safety data, but an information-driven conversation about that data seldom takes place and the meaningful at-risk conversations are missed. RLG coaches the leaders to both derive the data and discuss it with their team within their existing Operating Rhythm™.

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"I have to tell you that our safety culture has doubled since RLG got here. It used to be that we could hardly fill 10 minutes in a safety meeting, and now we can't get people to stop talking. It almost seems impossible for somebody to get hurt with the level of detail that we go into."

- Tool Pusher, Oil and Gas Company