Private Equity

RLG’s has extensive experience and proven reputation for sustainable and measurable results. We can assist management or investors in:
  • pre-investment evaluations to identify organizational strengths, opportunities and specific performance gaps
  • assessing to identify operational EBITDA and cash flow efficiency opportunities in new investments, existing operations or distressed and significantly underperforming situations. 
  • evaluating analysis of other advisors to provide recommendations through RLG's unique performance lens
  • creating performance improvement implementation plans for 6 to 18 months, across one or multiple sites, including sequencing, resourcing and specific actions
  • implementing performance improvement projects to capture performance improvement opportunities
Our success is measured by your ultimate success and we stand by our assessments, routinely delivering ROI of 6:1 or greater with strong client references and repeat business.

“I expressed to RLG today that their team should take great pride in helping us build a $1 billion business in two short years..”

– Vice President, Retail Home Services Company

“RLG has had tremendous impact on our organization. We have gone from losing several million dollars per year to reporting a multi-million dollar profit in less than 12 months. More importantly, our leadership business processes, employee productivity and our very culture have been changed so that our profitability is sustainable. We could not have accomplished this without RLG’s help.”

– CEO, Office Products Company

“What I really like is how different teams that never interacted much before are now communicating, improving, and solving problems together..”

– Senior VP, Operations and Strategic Execution, Workers Compensation Insurance Company

“RLG's activities are the reason we are having success in improving labour and equipment costs at the front line.”

– Cost Analysis, Oil and Gas