“We’ve never had the ability to understand the whole project at a single glance before. The one-pager makes it so much easier to know how the work is going.”

Wells Manager
Project Info

This client set out to execute a record setting frac campaign targeting 16 wells. The main challenges were:

  • Location – target wells located on 5 different pads separated by as much as 52 miles of ice road.
  • SIMOPS – 2013 was the busiest resupply in field history, requiring field wide coordination of resources.
  • Duration – campaign had to be completed during the ice road season, from January through early May.
  • Logistics – supply chain stretched more than 80 miles.
  • Communication – 800 miles separate this field from Anchorage.


Project Highlights

  • The previous records for fracs in this location was 12. The team was on pace to accomplish 17 incident-free fracs, one more than the initial stretch goal of 16.
  • As shown on the chart, the time between fracs fell dramatically as a result of the After Action Reviews and TMP.
  • RLG’s Operating Rhythm was rolled out to include all stakeholders.
  • Safety metrics and activities were established to identify and capture safety opportunities and promote safe work behaviours.

“I was surprised we kept coming up with important learnings at every After Action Review throughout the season.”

Wells Supervisor