“TANKx™ is helping us overhaul the right tanks at the right time. Saving CAPEX through better long-term planning is excellent.”

Project Info

Tank maintenance costs at this EU refinery were no longer sustainable with an overhaul program that needed to be capped without increasing risk to the operator, and an internal reorganization for tank maintenance responsibility.  RLG’s Tank Excellence integrated solution was brought in to help optimize the strategic tank asset plan, reduce tank maintenance cost and develop new team capability and competence.

Project Highlights

  • 25 year strategic tank asset management plan was optimized with 20 less overhauls over 5 years resulting in £22 million savings
  • Optimized short-term overhaul plan to meet budget cap with £5 million reduction thereafter
  • Created a culture change with ‘Every tank outage is a turnaround’ to drive accountability and readiness
  • Tank maintenance best practices, processes and guidelines all created and implemented with team
  • Plan optimization resulted in readiness for 2020 IMO product sales
  • HSE process safety improvements with 7 tanks no longer operating under ORAs

UK Farm 003 resized
Tank Farm 004