“It was all about getting on the same page and then recognizing people for doing the right things.”

Plant Superintendent
Project Info

This mining project set production records in the mine and the processing facility, while significantly improving both safety and environmental performance. With the help of RLG performance experts, leadership engaged the hearts and minds of all employees, right down to the individual miners, to set an infectious continuous improvement tone across the site.

Project Highlights

  • It started with the miners who set a monthly production standard in January that would take until July to surpass, but after July, they beat that monthly total every month
  • A TMP in February on kiln production set an infectious continuous improvement tone for the entire plant
  • As the team became clear about their individual expectations, roles and responsibilities were clarified and supported
  • A structured Operating Rhythm was established across all teams, including full ownership of results through a monthly hourly-employee led business review
  • Worker engagement surged with improvement ideas and committees
  • A 20% improvement in mine production, without additional machines or personnel
  • A 28% improvement in safety performance utilizing the same systems and processes that were already in place