“I never thought I’d see a number that low in my lifetime.”

Senior Inspector
Project Info

A North American refinery was 4th Quartile in process safety performance, based on API 754 (AFPM). The management knew they had to focus on their reduction of Tier I and Tier II LOPC (loss of primary containment) events. While there were many areas they could have focused on, they began their journey by targeting equipment deficiency remediation (EDR), a predictive indicator to LOPC events.

Project Highlights

  • A comprehensive assessment was undertaken to baseline areas of strength and better understand the size and scope of problem areas
  • An Inspections Performance Improvement Team was organized to study and diagnose the process, collect and analyze the data, identify and finally execute the appropriate solutions
  • Performance was made widely visible, measurable and talked about daily through deployment of RLG’s Operating Rhythm tools
  • Significant reduction in Tier I and II events was achieved, leading to a financial benefit of $30 million over baseline

“Your numbers are phenomenal!”

Refinery Manager to Inspections Department Manager During a Boardwalk