“I have seen some real change, not just related to safety but to the whole picture of rig operations. You have taken a bunch of drillers and toolpushers who are independent, and helped them function better as a team and become coaches of their own people.”

Well Site Leader
Project Info

The objectives of this project were clearly defined by the client: improve both safety and drilling performance; increase front line involvement in planning, decision making and performance improvement activities; and leave sustainable tools and processes to maintain this momentum after RLG moved on.

Project Highlights

  • A team of back-to-back RLG performance experts were assigned to the rig for 10 months
  • This team enhanced the rig’s Operating Rhythm
  • A set of key management tools and processes were implemented or improved using RLG’s PEML methodology (Plan, Execute, Measure, Learn)
  • Improvements led to $6.7 million impact representing a 10:1 return on RLG’s fees
  • Following this successful pilot, the RLG process was introduced to all of the client’s rigs on Alaska’s North Slope