“To have a significant impact on the safety performance, we needed to find a way to get engagement from our employees.”  
Chair of Safety Committee
Project Info

This kraft paper mill client was eager to improve employee safety, but after years of effort, the trend was again heading in the wrong direction. Together with the mill leadership and a corporate mandated commitment to safety, RLG was brought in to provide systems and hands-on effort to make lasting sustainable change. In just over one year, this mill went from a recognized poor safety performer, to winning an industry commendation for Employer led safety.

Project Highlights

  • Implemented RLG’s Operating Rhythm elements to increase visibility and engagement
  • Introduced safety and recognition moments at all crew and leadership meetings
  • Steered a Good Catch safety awareness program from 0 to 500 finds in less than 1 year
  • Facilitated safety continuous improvement teams with crew and leadership involvement
  • Both the mill and its leadership were recognized as “Most Improved” as a result of the dramatic shift in performance.
  • You can also read the award nomination form to hear the story from the mill's point of view. It's an inspiring success story.
  • Read the full article on page 12 - 14 of Pulp and Paper Canada.




"I was not sure if this RLG program was going to work at first, but I am pleasantly surprised at how well we are doing and I am seeing a difference in our supervisors' engagement and interest. The safety performance results speak for themselves."

The Site Manager, acknowledging both the Mill Safety Committee and RLG's contributions

"I am very pleased at how the employees have been looking out for each other and focusing on creating a safe work environment day in and day out."

Safety Committee Co-Chair, after 8 months