“This new system for the outage days improves our results in a sustainable way every time. We do more work now in preparing and tracking progress, plus we focus much more on the shutdown and startup. We are very much one team.”

Maintenance Superintendent
Project Info

This mining client operates a continuous ore processing mill and takes scheduled outage days to complete equipment maintenance. The results were unpredictable and were costing valuable production. They worked with RLG to develop a systematic, continuous improvement process to enable the right work being done, safely, within the scheduled time and allotted budget.

Project Highlights

  • A performance index was created to focus attention on the critical success factors
  • Safety, work productivity, cost and mill production were all part of the enacted solution
  • All aspects of the outage days were reconsidered and redesigned as necessary
  • Each outage had a rhythm of plan, execute, measure and learn, with high engagement
  • Close collaboration between Operations and Maintenance teams
  • More than $2 million in additional production was realized over baseline, with ramp-up often being ahead of schedule