“The RLG TMP process is a very original and unique planning tool. I believe we have reduced the critical path of our regularly scheduled rate reductions by more than 50% and reduced risk as well.”

Area Maintenance Manager
Project Info

After years of a successful partnership in Alaska, this client brought RLG to their Australian business primarily for safety and leadership coaching. This scope significantly increased when a 7-day biannual planned maintenance campaign dragged on for nearly 2 weeks. These overruns occurred regularly, and after this upset, RLG was asked to help.

Project Highlights

  • RLG’s TMP approach was introduced to bring together employees and contractors into a series of collaborative planning sessions where every step of the critical path was thoroughly evaluated for risks and opportunities
  • Actions were tracked and followed-up in preparation for the next outage
  • RLG’s Operating Rhythm was rolled out across both the onshore and offshore facilities, with progress reported on a Health Check Indicator graphic.
  • Performance improved, with 3.25 days of critical path reduction and execution to plan
  • This reduced downtime led to a 21% improvement in production worth more than $10 million over the next year