“TMP [Theoretical Maximum Performance] has caused us to work smarter by thinking through everything needed to do the job in advance.”

Lead Welding Foreman
Project Info

A significant cost-driver and key ship system is the main engine exhaust. This shipbuilder’s management recognized this as a key risk and a big area for improvement. Engaging with RLG, the planning and execution teams worked out a performance improvement plan to set and weld-out the massive 8-ton exhausts.

Project Highlights

  • RLG facilitated the TMP process, bringing together the various crafts and supporting team from ship’s management — 32 action items were identified for risk mitigation and performance improvement
  • TMP ideas inspired a new lift fixture design, which was quickly designed and built to cut a week from the schedule
  • The original 12½ week schedule was reduced to just 5 weeks — a 7½ week savings!
  • RLG coaches were deployed across the shipyard to impact other performance enhancement opportunities