“I have done 7 projects in 18 years and this is the most successful project that I have seen from both safety and execution perspectives.”

Offshore Installation Manager (OIM)
Project Info

This ultra deep-water drill ship was undergoing a project to upgrade, repair and inspect per the 5-year mandatory Class Special Periodic Survey (SPS). Every day was critical as the ship was scheduled to be contracted, with every day worth $750,000. RLG was contracted to work with the planning and execution teams.

Project Highlights

  • By implementing RLG’s Project Excellence 20 days were cut from the schedule during the plan optimization phase
  • Actual results ended up even better than this optimized target
  • Numerous schedule quality reviews and TMP (Theoretical Maximum Performance) sessions fostered a one team approach, with energy, enthusiasm and willingness to help each other
  • A robust Operating Rhythm was developed, driving accountability and enhanced, structured communication