“RLG’s ability to focus on the goal, demonstrate their independence from any one of our organizations and lead the team through the toolset and the integration of the various complex plans was crucial to this team.”
Chief Engineer, Engineering Integration
Project Info

Certifying an airplane is a very complex process, involving hundreds of complicated deliverables across a wide and multi-functional value stream of stakeholders. RLG applied their Operating Rhythm, Leadership Coaching and TMP process to the Systems and Interiors Engineering areas of this client organization to drive improved visibility, predictability and accountability to schedule, and claw back numerous disconnects to the critical path. The impact was millions of dollars of risk removed from the schedule and the teams accomplishing their deliverables in time to support the original schedule.

Project Highlights

  • Identifying and tracking predecessor events to better manage deliverable schedules and produce “credible schedules” that the team bought into and owned
  • Four significant TMP sessions were implemented to bring together multi-functional groups to address significant systems schedule gaps
  • Over 200 days of risk was removed from the schedule and one example saw a 120 day schedule gap reduced by 90 days (75%)  
  • Interiors, with the majority of deliverables, delivered all on time, and removed 3 weeks of “Interior Walks” from the critical path



“We implemented TMP across 10+ cross functional teams with dynamic schedule challenges, at times, as large as 120 days. We successfully closed to 28 days, and equally important we prevented additional schedule degradation.”

Chief Engineer, Interiors