“I was very surprised at the transformation of my employees from the beginning of the workshop to the end. What I saw was a unified team ready to make some serious change.”

General Manager
Project Info

This manufacturer of gas compression skids won a large contract to manufacture 74 similar units, straining the floor space and resources and putting their entire shop at risk of late delays and higher costs. The first 25 units highlighted a big problem. Units averaged 34% over budget, stretching the entire project economics and demoralizing the workforce.

RLG was already working in another facility, but recognizing the high stakes of this contract, the client redeployed their RLG resources to help here. In less than a week of planning and preparation, a TMP (Theoretical Maximum Performance) event brought the right people and information into a day long session to streamline and optimize the plan to deliver substantial performance improvement.

Beyond the fun, energizing and useful event, daily and weekly accountability on action items ensured those ideas became results.

Project Highlights

  • The TMP optimization process resulted in 51 distinct cost and schedule improvement actions
  • Assembly shop hours immediately started dropping as improvements were implemented
  • Engagement, energy and enthusiasm were high as successes were realized
  • The 4th unit produced after the TMP was completed under budgeted hours
  • The 49 units produced after the TMP averaged 3.3% under budget with low variability


“RLG has impressed me in a number of ways during their 2 years with us: the energy level that their people brought to each and every task, the broad scope they took in delving into many aspects of our business, and their emphasis on sustaining the improvements in our processes, people and our results.”

Contracts and Business Process Manager