“The TMP™ sessions on lease pads gave the guys a different mindset.”

Project Info

A major integrated energy company engaged RLG on their coal seam gas gathering project to recover a troubled project and implement a customized performance improvement process with their principle contractors. They sought to overcome deeply embedded culture and achieve a step change in their core operational metrics. Theirs, and RLG’s, primary goal was to increase the contractor front line efficiency to recover the project and meet or beat the Field Development Plan.

RLG implemented a robust front line visual management system focused on the fundamentals of safety and production. With coaching of front line leaders across many crews, attention went to:

  • The pre-start meetings: engaging crews to better identify work safety risks, SIMOPS and work allocation
  • Boardwalks: increasing accountability while breaking down barriers between teams and organizational levels, building collaborative behaviour
  • Work Front Planning: to build clarity of daily and weekly goals, improve feedback to supervisors and help teams achieve greater results by introducing some competition and clear visibility of their progress
  • Schedule optimization sessions: TMP™s and AARs brought teams together to identify schedule risks, opportunities for improvement, and awareness of each others tasks and objectives

Project Highlights

  • Prior to RLG’s getting involved, the well completion rate was 31 wells per month. This number grew dramatically, to 71 per month, more than surpassing expectation and bringing forward the Field Development Plan by 10 months!
  • $36 million of extra production versus the published Field Development Plan
  • 20% reduction in safety TRIFR through better planning and coordination

“The TMP™ sessions on lease pads gave the guys a different mindset. It got the group thinking about their internal customer and what they needed from each other .”