RLG performance coaches work with mid- and large size businesses, individually or in teams, on single sites, or across assets and the head-office, to assess and implement performance improvement strategies and projects. We use a coaching approach, effective and well accepted by site leadership and the front line workforce, where we aim to "Connect the Front Line to the Bottom Line."

Our success is measured by your ultimate success. We stand by our assessments, and partner in implementing, not report writing, and we routinely deliver ROI of 4:1 or greater with strong client references and repeat business,

We deliver value across many industries, 

  • Operational improvement - EBITDA improvements, often found in availability, utilization and plan achievement, cost improvement, cycle time improvement, personal and process safety leadership, culture and major event risk mitigation, emissions reduction, maintenance process optimization, front line worker and leader engagement, office and support process optimization, technology adoption, learning and continuous improvement tools and processes

  • Shutdown event planning and execution improvement - risk reduction, cost and duration reduction, event readiness, stage gate planning process and schedule quality assessment, plan and schedule optimization, contractor alignment and productivity, visual reporting, project controls, virtual plan and schedule optimization with online group facilitations, technology adoption, real time lessons learned and continuous improvement tools and processes.

  • Major capital project improvement - engineering progress visibility, capital allocation and selection process adherence, cascading performance metrics and visibility, EPC and owner alignment, AWP flow down to the plan for the week, visual performance, leadership capability, commissioning and loop check critical path optimization, sequencing and visibility, contractor productivity, safety, bottleneck and constraint mitigation.

RLG acts as a coach, a catalyst for change and an expert implementer. We facilitate the development of each individual’s leadership skills, we make performance visible and part of the daily standard work. We promote ideas from employees and build the structure to implement learning for stronger processes, greater efficiency and higher morale.

We also bring a powerful set of Performance Improvement Tools with which we target specific operational opportunities, involve people and enhance results. The quality of this co-implementation builds on the individual strengths of each party. We believe the strong commitment of the client’s management team coupled with RLG’s expertise in maximizing employee contributions at all levels provides a firm foundation for early and ongoing success.

How We Do It

RLG works with our clients to co-design and implement a lasting management style tailored to meet the client’s own unique environment, challenges and opportunities. The key to our approach is the relocation of performance improvement experts to work full time, on-site with a client’s employees. These performance coaches provide expertise and personal coaching focused on attaining five specific outcomes:

  1. Measurable bottom line results;
  2. Effective management systems;
  3. Leadership development;
  4. Empowered passionate individuals; and
  5. A front line that is connected to the bottom line.
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RLG’s Performance Improvement Methodology focuses on delivering quantifiable results in both return-on-investment (ROI) with RLG, and visible improvement in safety behaviours and metrics. With more than 39 years of executing 2500+ projects around the globe, our approach has evolved, but our focus has not: enhancing client results. That’s why results is at the center of our methodology graphic and everything we do.

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