Hear from our Employees 

“Working at RLG has been a very satisfying career. RLG provides a solid framework to support clients in improving their bottom line, but as the on-site coach you have the creativity to customize solutions with the client. The relationships and learning that comes with this opportunity keeps me engaged, challenged and proud of the work we do. Opportunities to “practice what you preach” are never-ending and I feel as though my skill-set continues to build with each project and client partner.”

Correne T., Trainer 

“I was fortunate to find RLG after serving as a military officer and general manager for a major big box retailer. RLG is a company that believes in its people. The work is challenging and rewarding. Through the application of RLG tools and performance coaching, we help our clients realize and exceed their goals.”

Tony F., Team Lead

“While I had enjoyed a variety of interesting and exciting projects throughout my career, the work was becoming mundane and the challenges weren't satisfying my own needs for personal growth. One particularly intriguing aspect of our work here at RLG is that the challenges from project to project are different. While we can apply similar tools in various situations, the circumstances are always different and thus require that we be on our game constantly in order to ensure that we are providing value to the client and that they are maximizing the use of their own resources while achieving their goals. The sphere of influence that we have is also different from what I have experienced elsewhere. One typically interacts with either senior management, or the front-line employees. Here at RLG we connect the front line to the bottom line, and that requires that we be engaged with individuals throughout all levels of a company.”

Tim S., Project Manager 

“RLG provides a great working environment and my colleagues are always willing to assist me to get things done for the teams. I appreciate the great teamwork, fun activities and most of all, respect for each other.”

Dustin M., Project Manager  

“If you like working with others to solve challenging problems in a fast-paced environment, then working for RLG will be a great fit for you. You will work with people from diverse backgrounds and experiences, as well as with people and companies from various countries and industries. The type of projects we work on allow us to interact with people in all levels of an organization, from the “front line” employees to the C-suite. You’ll be stretched professionally and personally as you develop in technical, leadership, and soft skills. At RLG, you get to help facilitate change, grow the capability of your clients (and yourself), and generate positive RESULTS.”

Yetunde O., Project Manager

“What RLG offers to its clients and employees is truly unique. Thus far, it has been an amazing journey both personally and professionally and I look forward to the impact I/we can provide to our current and future clients for the next decade or more.”

Don T., Team Lead

“I have been part of the RLG team for almost a year and have enjoyed every minute of it. I can honestly say I look forward to coming to work every day and being able to make a difference for our RLG team members. RLG instils a family culture that puts their employees first. Since joining RLG, I have been empowered to advance my knowledge and continue to grow in my role.”

Ruby W., Global Benefits/Immigration Advisor 

“Getting things done is easy. Getting things done through others without direct authority is difficult. That is the skill-set that I have developed in helping my clients meet their goals. The diversity and adversity of RLG’s engagements have rewarded me immensely with growth in skill and mindset.”

Victor B., Performance Coach

“Twice before joining RLG I had the good fortune to work with RLG coaches as a client. I learned the value of what RLG has to offer first hand. Many years later, being a part of the RLG family, I am continually impressed with how well RLG embodies the principles, values and performance that we help clients achieve.”

Darryn W., Performance Coach

“The RLG family has changed my life. Prior to RLG, I was a senior leader at a Fortune 500 company where goals were achieved through force of will, grit and personal sacrifice. RLG showed me a better way with work-life balance, extoled teamwork, true meritocracy and shared rewards. I still use my background in engineering, strategic planning and process improvement, but now in a people-centric environment. This dramatically improved my leadership capability and allowed me to partner with executives across industries to achieve previously unattainable goals.”

Robert M., Team Lead

“Working with RLG International, has given me an opportunity that other companies haven’t. I knew from going through their innovative and ground-breaking interviewing process that RLG was the type of company I wanted to be a part of during my career. I have been in this business for 5-years, and I enjoy the fast-paced, always changing environment, and working with some of the finest co-workers in the world. RLG offers impeccable training and endless possibilities to learn, while challenging you to obtain the best results. I have gained tremendous experience from talented people throughout the business, whom have directly and indirectly influenced my development in all positive aspects. Everyone in the company from the top to the bottom is incredibly supportive, understands that providing a truly great service to our employees is the key to success, and makes me proud to be surrounded by such brilliant, responsive, and leading-edge professionals.”

Alex C., Team Lead

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