Employee Testimonials

“My work with RLG provides me the opportunity to really make a difference in an organization. The greatest impact to the client comes by working at all levels of the organization to build leadership capability throughout, resulting in greater communication and alignment around key metrics that positively move the business and, ultimately, the bottom line. Assisting the change process and witnessing improved performance is a reward in and of itself.”

Sean M., Performance Coach

“I was fortunate to find RLG after serving as a military officer and general manager for a major big box retailer. RLG is a company that believes in its people. The work is challenging and rewarding. Through the application of RLG tools and performance coaching, we help our clients realize and exceed their goals.”

Tony F., Team Lead

“If you love an environment where the work is challenging, the learning curve steep, you work hard, you play hard, and the relationships with your peers are sincere, then you would love RLG. RLG has invested a huge amount of time and energy into my personal and professional development. I am amazed at the wide variety of experiences open to me, and the opportunity to work hands-on with a broad array of name-brand clients. Each project lasts for months or years, giving me a chance to develop real relationships with the client, and time to solve challenging production issues and turn performance around.”

Kevin A., Performance Coach

“At RLG, I can spend as much energy honing my abilities with data, numbers, and processes as I do exercising my skills of influencing, listening, and relationship-building. I am growing in mental as well as emotional intelligence. The best part is that I grow in these areas alongside an entire company of individuals striving toward the same goals. It is exhilarating, and it is what we do every single day.”

Dustin M., Performance Coach

“When I joined RLG 14 years ago, their tag line was ‘Beyond Consulting’ and I immediately bought into their approach. Needless to say, what RLG offers to its clients and employees is truly unique. Thus far, it has been an amazing journey both personally and professionally and I look forward to the impact I/we can provide to our current and future clients for the next decade or more.”

Don T., Team Lead

“Twice before joining RLG I had the good fortune to work with RLG coaches as a client. I learned the value of what RLG has to offer first hand. Many years later, being a part of the RLG family, I am continually impressed with how well RLG embodies the principles, values and performance that we help clients achieve.”

Darryn W., Performance Coach

“I was attracted to RLG for several reasons; the culture, coaching others to succeed, and the opportunity for continuous learning. Every day carries with it unique challenges. I’m personally rewarded as I see positive changes occur through coaching that’s focused on behaviors and results.”

Bob V., Performance Coach

“In my experience, RLG has practiced what it preaches. For example, I feel that I own the work that I do. I feel that I can control my success on this project, and that I'm recognized when I do good work. RLG knows that a happy employee is a good employee, and my team has kept me happy here. RLG has also encouraged and supported my continued learning.”

Andrew Z., Performance Coach

“Working with RLG International, has given me an opportunity that other companies haven’t. I knew from going through their innovative and ground-breaking interviewing process that RLG was the type of company I wanted to be a part of during my career. I have been in this business for 5-years, and I enjoy the fast-paced, always changing environment, and working with some of the finest co-workers in the world. RLG offers impeccable training and endless possibilities to learn, while challenging you to obtain the best results. I have gained tremendous experience from talented people throughout the business, whom have directly and indirectly influenced my development in all positive aspects. Everyone in the company from the top to the bottom is incredibly supportive, understands that providing a truly great service to our employees is the key to success, and makes me proud to be surrounded by such brilliant, responsive, and leading-edge professionals. If I could sum up RLG with one word it would be RESULTS. We are forever revolutionizing the industry with our successful implementation, leadership improvement, and performance execution tools to help our clients drive towards excellence from their front-line to their upper management. There are no small jobs or people in RLG, and I could not be more proud of the growth and achievement I have seen both personally, and for our clients.”

Tom M., Performance Coach

“I have never worked for, or heard of any other company that treats its employees and their families in such a wonderful manner. RLG has given me exposure to different countries and cultures. Everywhere I have been — from Alaska and Texas, British Columbia and Maritimes to Scotland and Russia — what I have found remarkable is that the front line guys are alike in different cultures and industries. They have the same sense of humour, the same attitudes and values, and they want to do a good job. And what gives me real job satisfaction is when I see our performance coaches become sought-after members of a client team who help to connect these front line guys to the bottom line results.”

Alex C., Team Lead

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