RLG started implementing performance improvement projects in Russia in 2006.Our business has grown to include the largest oil and gas producers in Russia, mining and other industries.

RLG’s proven approach to working in Russia starts with our team being native Russians as performance coaches. Almost all have worked in the western business world at some point and all of them are professionals with certifications in Lean Six Sigma, Project Management and Coaching. By employing professionals with a deep understanding of the Russian culture and language, RLG has been able to engage our clients’ workforce quickly and gain their trust and support through the implementation.

RLG has consistently delivered significant improvements in the oil and gas industry; both upstream and downstream operations. In the upstream, RLG has been able to deliver between 15-40% reductions in drilling cycle time by implementing our PEML (Plan Execute Measure Learn) approach to drilling. This approach has also been applied to well selection and well commissioning to improve the total well delivery cycle time. In downstream, RLG has successfully implemented projects to improve turnarounds, operations, energy efficiency, capital projects, and shipping and logistics optimization.

What our senior clients in Russia have said about RLG:

“I have worked with almost all of the western consulting companies and not one is as effective as RLG. RLG delivers real results and real change in culture and leadership.”

VP Downstream, Major Russian Oil and Gas Company

“Most of us never believed that RLG would be successful, it is Russia after all and we can be very set in our ways. Fortunately, you proved us wrong, everyone is now coming to work thinking about how to improve things and performance boards are in each of the units … I have never been so happy to be wrong.”

Chief Engineer, Major Russian Oil and Gas Company

“Our goal is simple — get oil out of the ground safely, quickly and cheaply. The investment in RLG to improve our well delivery has paid for itself over five times and we could not have done it without the RLG guys working on the rig and in the office with us.”

Drilling Manager, Major Russian Oil and Gas Company

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