“One of the biggest challenges in the years ahead will be to reduce the time spent on each well and bring down well cost. RLG has been a big help in progressing structure, advising and ensuring focus in WellOps’ cost saving initiative.”

Well Operations Manager
Project Info

With oil prices at four-year lows, and development and operational costs escalating, this Norwegian sector oil and gas operator asked RLG to help make its Well Operations cost reduction initiative a success. With aggressive targets, RLG performance experts knew they needed to coach accountability and ownership at all levels.

Project Highlights

  • RLG and the Well Ops manager co-created a project implementation plan and kicked on an acceleration of the project in June
  • Ideas were collected from both on- and offshore staff in facilitated workshops
  • Service companies were engaged as partners in the project and provided crucial input and ideas for cost savings
  • Initiatives were collected, targeted and tracked in 4 categories, with a one-page summary showing key initiatives, target and progress
  • Target was achieved and the project extended to capture additional gains, with emphasis on uptime and efficiency between the onshore and offshore installations