“It’s about working with the front line managers and section managers to raise their cost awareness, manage together as one site, focus on their leadership and management behaviours and not doing things the old way.”

Vice President Maintenance
Project Info

This large nuclear plant with 8 reactors and 3700 highly skilled men and women needed a shift in culture following an ownership change. After a lengthy search, they chose to partner with RLG in the challenge of creating critical front line engagement and establishing a culture that targeted outstanding performance.

Project Highlights

  • Over $96 million in bottom line improvements, representing an ROI of 8:1 over a 4 year RLG engagement
  • More than 1 million hours of productivity gain in maintenance worth $58 million
  • $18 million in capital project schedule and cost gains
  • $20 million in supply chain savings, working with suppliers, vendors, logistics and contractors
  • The World Association of Nuclear Operators identified three client-RLG tools as strengths for implementation in all nuclear plants worldwide


“Because people feel like they have ownership, they ask ‘How are we going to make this work right?’”

 Section Manager