“RLG has helped us coordinate and integrate the efforts between multiple organizations with competing priorities”

Project Info

This integrated operator was experiencing increasing tank maintenance costs, decreasing tank availability and growing lost profit opportunity.  To help reverse these trends, RLG was asked to implement Tank Excellence (TANKx™) at one refinery, and then across all the operator’s North American refineries.  TANKx’s focus on improving planning, processes, alignment and execution with the tank maintenance team resulted in significant improvement results.

Project Highlights

  • Improved cost performance on a tank by tank basis of over 12%
  • Tank overhaul schedule optimization process for emergent repairs to a leading crude tank reduced duration by 30 days with a Loss Profit Opportunity (LPO) avoidance of $1 million
  • Planned tank maintenance budget was first stabilized with optimized short-term strategy of ‘Do the Right Tank at the Right Time’ and then reduced to a sustainable spend resulting in $15 million savings
  • Decreased discovery scope growth by 75% via TANKx Predictive Scoping & Contingency Planning tool
  • Formalized phased planning process co-created with the team to ensure 100% deliverables completed prior to T-0
  • Development of strategic tank asset management plans directly contributed to reduction in LPO of $10 million annually
Brown tanks on a hill
Single tank