“RLG brought the structure, organization and coaching to help keep the meetings focused.”

Project Info

This large petrochemical plant was in the midst of a major furnace overhaul when, facing unsatisfactory progress and results, RLG was asked to join. Phase one involved a rebuild of two ethylene furnaces, and upon mechanical completion, the Commissioning and Start-up (CSU) team would take over to complete the work. This CSU team sought to make substantial improvement in their performance on furnace #2 without compromising safety or quality.

The RLG team worked as partners alongside the CSU engineers, schedulers, leaders and contractors and helped drive focus and accountability through a handful of interventions.

In the end, furnace #2 wrapped up 9 days ahead of schedule enabling $4 million in additional revenue, and 14 work days faster than furnace #1 and under budget cost by 25%.

Project Highlights

  • The two-a-day meetings became meaningful and focused
  • A small boardroom became “Mission Control”, converting empty wall space into an effective working space of goals, process reports, interferences, recognition and results
  • Visuals extended to graphics and colour coded lists of work assignments and unplanned issues, enabling attention and action
  • Using a coaching approach, technical staff, site leadership and contractor leadership were led to a place of effective, comfortable acceptance and use of new tools – the new normal with high morale and engagement
CSU team's mission control room