“The engineering, planning and scheduling organizations were constantly at odds with each other as drawings and BOMs went back and forth between. Lots of frustration and finger pointing, lack of accountability, no shared metrics, and little focus.”

RLG VP at the start of the project
Project Info

Over many years, RLG has worked with military shipyards and supply chain contractors for new construction and overhaul projects. These scopes of work have spanned engineering and design departments to deck plate construction crews. The use of RLG was often motivated by slipping schedules and inadequate communication.

Project Highlights

  • Improved engineering drawing issue date compliance
  • Reduced procurement backlogs, PO efficiency and on-time delivery of materials
  • Supported schedule reduction and established Operating Rhythm within overhaul organization
  • Supported quality and safety improvement through improved processes and worker engagement
  • Improved learning curves and front line continuous improvement