“With the help of specialists from RLG, we have tested this new method of work and I have to say — it was a great success.”

General Contractor, Superintendent
Project Info

The leadership of this 340,000 bbl/day Russian refinery was seeking to improve from the historical 20% to 30% over budget and 14% over schedule on their upcoming turnaround. This was to be a major event, with more than 60% being capital expenditure, making it the largest turnaround in Russian refining history in terms of units affected, days and expense. RLG was engaged early, starting with some smaller turnarounds, and moved into the early planning through execution of the big event.

Project Highlights

  • Improved planning rigor, collaborative communication and accountability between engineering, procurement and execution stakeholders managing 252 distinct project scopes.
  • Employed RLG’s TMP tool to optimize schedules on 17 major critical path events, identifying risk and opportunity for improvement. These involved 230 participants from engineering, operations, maintenance along with many contractor agencies, and resulted in 250+ action items.
  • Developed and implemented a cascading set of KPIs and visible scorecards to track and communicate progress and priorities. From the leadership to the front line, crews benefited from 150 KPIs appropriate to their piece of the project.
  • The detail and preparation paid off as the success was remarkable and visible. Effective execution resulted in a 3-day reduction in duration.
  • A lasting culture change resulted, with this rigorous planning, optimization and execution becoming the new normal.


“This overhaul was the largest one, not only on our plant, but in Russia. I have to give the whole credit to RLG that we decided to undertake such a huge project — we would not have been able to execute it without their involvement. Processes and methods RLG brought to us played the major role in the overhaul success.”

Refinery Chief of Maintenance