“This team has set a new standard for delivery of major projects and TARs, achieving a record breaking duration.”

Project Info

Leadership at this large, complex European refinery was preparing for their upcoming turnaround, including a major overhaul of the Fluidized Catalytic Cracker Unit (FCCU). Historically they had performed 60% longer duration than Solomon Q2 benchmark, putting them in the bottom Q4 quartile. RLG began with this client when conducting a T-6 month turnaround readiness assessment, which scored 72% and summarized key gaps.

RLG began working with the turnaround planning and technical teams, putting plan optimization as the top priority. Several SQR and TMP sessions reviewed critical path and near critical path, reducing risk and identifying opportunities to improve duration. Then, through introduction of a more rigorous Operating Rhythm™ structure of meetings, check-ins and visual reporting, actions items were completed, and the solid plan came together in time for execution. In execution, the accountability and collaboration continued, marking a noticeable change in the existing culture with staff, workers and contractors alike.

Project Highlights

  • Compared to the last two FCCU turnaround events, this event improved baseline performance by 23 days and saved $5 million
  • The entire turnaround event was completed 12-hours earlier than plan, enabling an earlier start-up and saving $1.6 million LPO
  • The reactor top-head replacement, which was identified as the riskiest in terms of duration overrun and complex area SIMOPS as it required five heavy lift working exclusion periods, completed safely and to plan, having been the subject of frequent SQR sessions to challenge logic, constructability, task assignment, duration and interactions