“We knew we had problems before, we just didn’t know what they were. Now, we understand what they are and how to attack them.”

Coker Plant Supervisor
Project Info

For this refinery leadership team, it became apparent that the refinery would miss all of its environmental targets for HC flaring, spills, CEMS, excess emissions, and tail gas events. They needed to do something to improve quickly. By focusing five environmental PITs (Performance Improvement Teams) from reactive to proactive they successfully achieved impressive results.

Project Highlights

  • The multidiscipline and interdepartmental PITs were led to focus on quick, impactful wins
  • There were misunderstandings and gaps in terminology, reporting and the KPIs — sessions and coaching to clarify and guide improvement were launched
  • Considerable effort was directed to data and information gathering to get the real picture and high quality solutions
  • A PIT summit where the teams were involved in presenting the data, solutions and help needed to senior refining and safety, regulatory, and environmental  management
  • Substantial results were achieved after only 10 months, and momentum set up the next year for continued gains


“The Environmental PIT Summit was the best day of my 12 year career here.”

VP Environmental