“I feel we are travelling down the right road with the right focus to elevate our performance to the next level.”

Director, Logistics
Project Info

“Where is my material? Why can’t I get the right parts for my shop?” This client, a shipbuilder, had an entrenched culture with very pronounced organizational silos. Hostile politics between departments and leadership, a lack of meaningful metrics, and a disengaged and uninformed workforce all presented barriers. Yet, the workforce was frustrated and wanted improvement. Recognizing this, management partnered with RLG to make a lasting, significant improvement.

Project Highlights

  • Performance metrics were abundant in number, however, no metric was considered key to their business. Together with RLG, they developed a new meaningful set of metrics which cascaded through their business.
  • Redesigned warehouse processes, results boards, business reviews, positive recognition and one-pager scorecards all became part of how the “new” Supply Chain business unit functioned.
  • An Operating Rhythm, engaging both upper management and front line leadership, connecting their actions and decisions to the bottom line results, brought accountability, awareness and collaboration where there was little before.
  • A client-approved 7.4:1 ROI and over $5.8 million in value were realized.
  • Inventory accuracy crossed 97% for the first time ever, delinquent technical documents were reduced by 80%, delayed acquisitions improved 83%, on-time delivery improved 7%.



“In my 30+ years in the shipyard, I’ve never had an outside coach have more impact on me and my business.”

Foreman, Material Distribution