“For 30 years there are things I have thought could be done, and in a short time you have shown they can be done.”  

Project Info

At a Houston-area refinery, we recently worked with Reliability and Maintenance teams to balance and systematize their immediate reactive needs of today with a long-term proactive and structured system that’s sustainable.

Following a brief assessment, RLG and Reliability Department leadership co-developed a performance improvement plan to embed an Operating Rhythm which:

  • Emphasized their desired proactive culture, identified through specific activities which needed to occur, and in alignment with globally recognized maintenance and reliability best practices
  • Allowed but controlled and measured reactive work, creating transparency and accountability, with an emphasis on long term continual improvement
  • Created cross-functional collaboration while driving action to “finish what was started”

Starting with their Most Important Goals, a sequence of appropriate tools and processes were introduced to help guide appropriate decisions, discussions and behaviours.

Project Highlights

  • Operating Rhythm™, structured problem solving with CI teams, leadership development, visual performance and leadership development were all introduced and coached to embed
  • Focus, collaboration and recognition were all emphasized
  • Equipment failure lost profit opportunity (LPO) was cut in half (saving $10s of millions)
  • Mechanical availability improved achieve target value
  • Bad actor program enhanced and more structured, identified $2 million in cost savings
  • Pump train failures reduced 33%, to better than target