“Development of the tool box talk tool again reflects how RLG have observed our daily practices and identified an opportunity to establish the ‘best practice’ and make it the new standard.”

Asset Offshore Installation Manager
Project Info

While crews on this this riser platform were having high quality crew talks at the start of each work shift, every front line leader approached their job preparation and meeting agenda differently, without a standardized approach. This was leading to mixed messages and potential harm so client leaders turned to RLG, who were already working on the platform, to help.

Project Highlights

  • Top performers and best practice leaders were observed and interviewed
  • RLG’s Operating Rhythm crew talk methodology was adapted for use in this environment and culture
  • Together with leaders and supervisors, RLG coaches defined the minimum effective “best practice” crew talk approaches that could be duplicated at all work sites
  • A standard process was developed with core and optional components
  • Training, coaching and feedback were all organized to build skill and effectively deploy the new tools


“A toolbox talk starts the job off right, and if done correctly, keeps the job going well.”

E&I General Foreman