“Our approach changed from Safely building the facility to Safety and Efficiently building the facility.”

Project Info

RLG has a longstanding relationship with this integrated oil and gas E&P company. In this case, their leadership looked at their drilling activity in this major shale oil field and found too many inefficiency and risk events during facility construction. These were driving up both cost and duration and urgently needed attention.

Calling on RLG to provide a team to help, their focus was three-fold.

  1. find a way to move risk and uncertainty back into planning,
  2. reduce execution inefficiency through Lean project management, and
  3. overcome the execution bias to learn from experience and continually improve.

RLG worked across the construction team using Project Excellence (Px™) tools to improve planning, optimize scheduling and organize execution.

Project Highlights

  • Year 1 impact:$12.1 million; Year 2 impact:$22.3 million
  • Developed and implemented a Real Time Lessons Learned™ process
  • Led analysis and improvement teams, using Lean methodology, to identify waste steps and create fully optimized critical path construction plans
  • Established an organizational Operating Rhythm™, consisting of Crew Talks, Boardwalks, Business Reviews and One-Page Scorecards, to promote stronger communication, accountability and engagement
  • Build leadership capability and confidence through sessions and one-on-one coaching